Meet The team

We have an actively growing staff team with a wide range of aspects they work in, within the community, check them out below;

[PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

I am Harvey, Founder of Project Gaming Community.

[PCVTC] MatterzHD

I am Matty, Chief Advisor of Project Gaming Community.

[PCVTC] Jordan Pearce

I am Jordan, Chief Operations Officer of Project gaming Community.

[PCVTC] Hayden0812

I am Hayden, Community Coordinator of Project Gaming Community.

[PCVTC] Connor O'Neil

I am Connor, Community Coordinator of Project Gaming Community.

^ Upper Management ^

[PCVTC] Harvey (HRVY)

Hello I'm HRVY, I'm the acting Community Management Team Leader & I'm one of the Developers here at Project Gaming Community bringing you a better experience the any other places

[PCVTC] GoodMan.

No Bio... make one

[PCVTC] GermanCookie

Hi I´m Cookie and I´m the Team Leader of the Community Moderators from Project Gaming Community.

[PCVTC] Devron

Hey I'm Devron, and I am the Community Moderation Observer for Project Gaming Community.

[Bruijn] JamesS014

Oye I’m James. I am a Community Moderator Trainer here at Project Gaming Community. I’m also a Game Moderator at TruckersMP. Feel free to DM me if needed.


Hi, I'm Tom. I am a Senior Community Moderator & Community Manager at PCVTC. Feel free to DM me if needed.

[PCVTC] Rickslater94

Hello Im rickslater94... I am the  Senior driver examiner and Staff Team member for Project Cargo VTC

[PCVTC] AABattery

Hey, I am AABattery, Senior Events Manager for PCVTC. Feel free to DM me if needed and have a nice day.

^ Senior Management ^

[PCVTC] TrainyUK

No Bio... make one


Hello I'm botboxer, Community Manager for Project Gaming Community.

^ Community Management ^

[PCVTC] SirDolphin

Yo! My name is Dolphin. I’m a Community Moderator in PCVTC. It’s the best community out there! I’m so glad I joined!

Heroic Smasher

Hello, I am Heroic Smasher, Events staff for Rising Logistics and Community Moderator for Project Gaming Community.

XaniTrucker [GER]

Heya, I'm Alex and I'm a Trial Community Moderator in the Project Gaming Community Server.


No Bio... make one


No Bio... make one

[PCVTC] Beanbog

No Bio... make one

^ Community Moderation ^

[PCVTC] Zenpa

Hello, my name is Zenpa. I’m an experienced Graphics Designer, Skinner and Developer at Project Gaming Community.

^ Community Development ^

[PCVTC] Croissanto

No Bio... make one

[PCVTC] Layton

Hello I am Thomas, Event Manager & Driver Examiner here for Project Gaming Community.

^ Event Management ^

[PCVTC] Randomjoker

Joker here old man of the VTC.

[PCVTC] Karol_PL

No Bio... make one

^ VTC Staff Team ^

[PCVTC] Sallyboi

Examining the newbies, SallyBoi is here 24/7, also a cracked gamer btw.

[PCVTC] Carlos

Hi I'm Carlos, I am one of the Driver Examiners here at Project Cargo VTC.

[PCVTC] vtheskeleton

Hello, I'm Skelly, a Driver Examiner here at Project Cargo VTC.

[PCVTC] ChillaKilla

No Bio... make one

^ Driver Examiner ^

[Clovery] JC01

Hi I´m James G. and I´m the Minecraft Game Manager from Project Gaming Community.

[PCVTC] Nathan_2096

No Bio... make one

^ Minecraft Staff Team ^

Charlie T.C

No Bio... make one

^ FiveM Staff Team ^

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