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If you are looking for a specific community Project Gaming Community is the place for you, we offer so much to our members from a VTC that has recently surpassed 1 year of establishment, a Farming Simulator Server, a Minecraft Server and so much more to come in the future.

Project Farms

Are you looking for a Farming Simulator Server with a wide range of mods and decent decisions for map locations, then feel free to whitelist yourself to Project Farms where our farming department will help you get set up.

Whitelist here

Project Cargo VTC

Are you looking for an active and friendly VTC then feel free to apply today at Project Cargo VTC, we were established in January 2020 and we have grown to 70 members in that time and still growing day by day.

Apply Here

Project Craft SMP

Are you looking for an active and friendly Minecraft server for you and your mates to join or even for yourself to make some more friends then feel free to let us know and we can get you on Projectcraft SMP to get yourself building whatever.

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about Us

We are a community mainly based around the trucking community within TruckersMP that is where we have gathered our popularity and trust in the community.

Hello everyone!

At Project Gaming Community we offer a range of different games for you to include in with the members of our community and here are a few of them showcased, we have a VTC which is across ATS and ETS2 across TruckersMP, we also have our very own dedicated server on Farming Simulator 19 and Minecraft Java Edition, so if you are looking to join click the discord link.

My name is Harvey I am the CEO and Founder of Project Gaming Community, I am part of the TruckersMP staff team so you will mainly see me hanging around there, I intend to make the community a better place as we move into the future, expanding and making a wider range of access in the community.


CEO & Founder

Here is a showcase of a few community aspects

Here are a few pictures to showcase our different departments in the community.

Our Projects

Here is some examples of projects that the Project Franchise has worked on in the past and some stuff coming in the future.

Project cargo VTC

We offer a VTC to our community members this has over 70 members everyone is active and we have a wide range of drivers that turn up to convoys.

Project Farms

We offer a Farming Simulator server to all of our community members which is there to give those that like agriculture more of something to chose from.

ProjectCraft SMP

We offer a Minecraft server to the community members to give those that are creative a chance to express their building styles and showing their skills.

Coming soon...

We have another department coming really soon keep an eye out and you will see what we have been planning for release for a while.

Coming Soon...

We have a whole new external aspect coming soon, we are still learning on just exactly how it all works to make sure that we can run it properly.

VTC Tracker

Here we have a VTC tracker and drivers hub currently all in development so we can make it the best for the drivers within the VTC.

A word From Management
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Harvey, Connor, Shaney, Mason.